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If you do not have any insurance coverage then you can pay from your pocket. We accept cash, debit and credit cards.

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Other Services

Assessment and treatment of injuries or conditions restricting mobility of any part of the body. We advise therapeutic exercises to restore mobility and increase strength of the core and muscles.
In Home Physiotherapy
Book your session for physiotherapy in Brantfordat the comfort of your home so the session can be carried out at your home and at your time. Booking will depend on the availability of the physiotherapists.
Compression Stockings
Supports better blood flow and reduces swelling in the leg and feet. It can prevent the progress of venous disorders in the leg area. They are available in all pressures, sizes, and lengths.
Our clinic for physiotherapy in West Brant uses different kinds of instruments like silicone cupping, M2T blades, and Graston techniques which are helpful in increasing the mobility of injured tissues. It reduces pain and accelerates recovery.
KT and Rock Taping is utilized to improve blood circulation and support the muscles and tissues of the region. This helps in lower pain and faster recovery from the injury.
Shockwave Therapy
We use shockwave therapy in some cases where the soft tissues require stimulation. The therapy also helps in breaking down calcium deposits. Useful in tendonitis, bursitis, and adhesions.
Sports Therapy
At our clinic in West Brant, physiotherapy services are provided to treat specific sports injuries ensuring appropriate care and the proper use of tools and equipment to help patients recover and return to the sport they play.
Hand On Physiotherapy
We use this therapy to help release tension in the muscles and soft tissues, which can cause pain and discomfort. It is an effective one-on-one therapy used for improving the mobility of body parts.
Active Release Technique
The Active Release Technique is helpful in releasing tension from tight and sore muscles. Many sportspersons and professionals who sit for long hours behind a desk find this helpful.
Foot Orthotics
Improper alignment of the feet can cause several problems, including pain in the back, hip, knees, and heels. With foot orthotics, we help patients overcome such problems.
Vertigo & Vestibular Rehabilitation
Our team of experienced physiotherapists advices patients suffering from vertigo of specific head movements and provide balance training along with guided exercises.
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    Phone: +1 (519) 900-1265  
    Email: info@relievephysiotherapy.ca
    Address: 230 Shellard Ln Unit 2, Brantford, ON N3T 0B9, Canada 

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Our Clinic provide multiple services Physiotherapy, Shockwave Therapy, Active Release Technique, Sports Therapy, Taping, Compression Stockings & Orthotics.

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Email: info@relievephysiotherapy.ca
Phone: +1 (519) 900-1265
Website: www.relievephysiotherapy.ca
Address: 230 Shellard Ln Unit 2, Brantford, ON N3T 0B9, Canada 

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