MVA Physiotherapy Clinic In Brantford


When you suffer a motor vehicle accident, then you may be eligible to receive physiotherapy services according to the FSCO guidelines. Since car accidents can lead to pain and discomfort in parts of the body, we can help you with physiotherapy to overcome such problems and regain lost mobility. 

We are licensed by FSCO, and we offer direct billing for all major insurance companies. This makes the process of receiving care and completing the billing and payment a smooth and worry-free one. Since we are committed to providing the best quality care to all patients, you will receive treatment from experienced physiotherapists using the latest techniques and equipment.

How does an MVA claim work?

  1. Inform the insurance company – Provide complete information about the accident and the injuries you suffered to your car insurance provider. It does not matter who is at fault. A person who suffers a car accident is entitled to receive rehabilitation services. Whether you are a passenger or even if you were outside the vehicle, the car driver’s insurance company will process your claim. 

  1. Call us to book an initial assessment –Once the car insurance company is informed, call us to book an initial assessment for physiotherapy. On your car call, please mention all information about the car accident injury. With the help of the information you provide to our team, we will submit the details to your insurance provider on your behalf. If you also have EHC, then regulations require that the EHC benefits should be exhausted first, and then claims should be forwarded to the auto insurance provider. 

  1. Visit our clinic and regain comfortable movement –After the initial assessment is completed, our team will advise you of the next date when you should visit the clinic for follow-up treatments to properly restore movement.


Our team can treat the following MVA related injuries: