Orthotics Physio In Brantford

Foot Orthotics

There are lots of reasons why you may suffer from pain in your heels, lower back, hip, and knees. One of these reasons is the faulty alignment of your foot and fallen arches. When your feet are unable to flex and return to the original position, you may end up being hunched while you walk or run. 

Our clinic for physiotherapy in Brantford will help you with this problem. We usually use a fixture with a wedge under your feet to solve the problem. The shape of the wedge is chosen to match the foot. They may have to be customized. 

Even though it is a simple solution, orthotics has lots of benefits when it comes to treating and correcting ankle or foot-related mobility problems without going through a surgery. With the help of foot orthotics, we improve the alignment of the feet. It supports the midfoot, hindfoot, and forefoot, reducing stress and strain. 

Conditions in which foot orthotics is used:

Our team at Relieve Physiotherapy and Health Centre is known for delivering the best orthotics and physiotherapy West Brant has. With skilled and experienced physiotherapists carefully assessing your gait and posture before suggesting the solutions, you will always be in the best hands at our clinic. We provide custom orthotics which are made according to your foot’s size and shape.