West Brant 
Physiotherapy Clinic


At Relieve Physiotherapy and Health Center, our aim is to make sure that all patients receive the highest level of care. Special attention is paid to the way in which the patients are attended, received, and treated at our clinic for physiotherapy in West Brant. We value the relationships we establish with our patients, and we are committed to ensuring that our patients can completely trust us and our expertise in helping them through proper treatment. 

We provide our patients with direct billing for physiotherapy to make sure that the billing process is completed smoothly.

Physiotherapy helps a person regain mobility and independent function, which may have been lost or limited because of different reasons like a motor vehicle accident or a workplace accident. It promotes wellness of the patients. Physiotherapists undergo training and certifications because this is a primary health care profession which requires an advanced understanding of body movements. This is how they are able to identify problem areas in physical movement and restore mobility and reduce the physical discomfort. 

At Relieve Physiotherapy and Health Centre, we believe in constant communication with specialists, family physicians, and surgeons in order to be fully aware of the progress, assessment, and discharge of the patients. Even after you are discharged from our West Brant physiotherapy clinic, we will provide you with a home exercise plan that you can follow to ensure that you remain fit.

Our physiotherapists provide treatments for:

The techniques we commonly use in physiotherapy are:


This is a one-on-one technique that helps in soft tissue release and improved mobilization.


This therapy is utilized for reducing inflammation and improving circulation to reduce pain and encourage healing of the tissues.


We use therapeutic exercises as a part of our active rehab technique to improve mobility, posture and to strengthen the muscles. 


To offer care to patients who cannot travel to our clinic, we have in-home physiotherapy services based on the availability of physiotherapists to suit your timing.


An advanced therapy that relieves pain and discomfort and helps in tendonitis, bursitis, and adhesions. 


A range of methods used to rehabilitate patients who have suffered a sports injury.


With the help of the active release technique, we are able to help patients release tension in tight and sore muscles and break muscle adhesions. 


This method is useful in reducing pain and improving soft tissue pain using a range of tools and techniques that our physiotherapists are skilled in.


KT tapes and Rock tapes have become a popular solution for improving muscular coordination and increasing the strength of the muscles.