Braces and Splints in Brantford

Brace and Splints

At Relieve Physiotherapy and Health Center, you will find all kinds of braces and splints solutions for treating injuries on any part of your body. Our braces and splints are available over the counter and are even custom-made for special requirements. With experienced staff at our center for physiotherapy in West Brant, we make sure that you have the right brace or splint for your health condition. 

The braces and splints we offer are covered under our Extended Healthcare Benefit (EHC) plan. Our team can also provide assistance if you would like to use your Benefits plan to purchase braces and splints. Our team also provides complete assistance in properly billing the products as per the requirements of insurance companies. 

The braces and splints we offer include:

You can rely on our team of professionals to properly assess the injury and recommend appropriate braces and splints which can help you recover with lesser pain or discomfort.