EHC(Extended Healthcare Benefits)


Patients who wish to use Extended Healthcare Benefits to pay for our treatments will find the entire process to be a smooth and easy one. Our billing team will help you with the steps and ensure that the billing papers are properly filled so that we can bill directly to insurance companies. This makes the whole experience of receiving care hassle-free. 

What should you bring to utilize EHC?

  1. Your EHC card, along with the policy number and member ID

  2. If your policy requires, then you must carry a doctor’s referral

If you have any doubts or questions, then please call and talk to one of our representatives. Our West Brant physiotherapy center will be happy to help you with all your queries. 

Our direct billing services are available for all major insurance companies. To know if your insurance company is included or not, you can talk to our team. The list keeps updating. Currently, our direct billing services are available for the following companies: