Sports Therapy Clinic


Sports Therapy 

Our West Brant physiotherapy clinic has been working with several patients who suffer sports injuries and are trying to restore motion and independent physical movement. With best-in-class equipment and proven techniques to handle sports injuries, our team provides patients with quality care. Students, professional athletes, and even hobbyists who find themselves suffering from an injury come to our facility for treatment.

The treatments can involve different techniques and therapies like shockwave therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic therapy. We do not require any referral to carry out the treatment. 

Sports therapy is often used for the following:

We aim to provide the best care to persons who are recovering from sports injuries so that they can quickly regain movement and do not have to deal with constant pain or discomfort because of the injury. We have physiotherapists, osteopaths as well as sports masseurs in our team who ensure accelerated recovery for the patients.